C. Mohan, Ph.D.,

(IBM Fellow and Former IBM India Chief Scientist)

"Global Technology Outlook (GTO) 2012"

The Global Technology Outlook (GTO) is IBM Research's vision of the future for information technology (IT) and its impact on industries that use IT. This annual exercise highlights emerging software, hardware, and services technology trends that are expected to significantly impact the IT sector in the next 3-7 years. In particular, the GTO identifies technologies that may be disruptive to an existing business, have the potential to create new opportunity, and can provide new business value to our customers.

The 2012 GTO is set to build not only on its 30 predecessors, but the 100 years of IBM innovation. The 2012 GTO reports on six key findings that share a common theme: analytics. The explosion of unstructured, and increasingly uncertain, data will amplify the need for the development of new models and new classes of computing systems that can handle the unique demands of analytics. The 2012 GTO focuses on six topics: Managing Uncertain Data at Scale, Systems of People, Outcome Based Business, Resilient Business and Services, Future of Analytics, and The Future Watson.

In this talk, I will share the GTO 2012 findings with the audience. This talk should be of interest not only to technical people but also to a much broader set of people.

Zeit: Donnerstag, 18.10.2012, 14.00 Uhr
Ort: Gebäude 48, Raum 680