Chih-Hong Cheng

hosted by seminar series "Certified Verification with Applications"

"Verification and Validation of DNN-based Autonomy Perception"

The deployment of autonomous vehicles implies a huge safety responsibility shift to the automotive industry. In this talk, I present my personal view on verification and validation challenges on the perception systems implemented using DNNs. Targeting to be compliant with safety standards such as SOTIF, I argue that model-based testing and runtime monitoring may be fundamental pillars. Under the concept of continuous improvement in V&V, the concept of equivalence classes used in testing may be blurred and be further subject to refinement. Finally, I will try to connect these challenges with my prior work and enumerate further challenges that I find difficult to tackle.

Bio: Chih-Hong Cheng works at DENSO Germany as a technical manager, conducting research in safety technologies for autonomous driving. Before DENSO, he was a permanent researcher at fortiss (Munich) and ABB Research (Ladenburg). Chih-Hong got his doctoral degree from TU Munich within the domain of applied formal methods.

Time: Thursday, 18.03.2021, 13:00

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