Torben Fetzer

hosted by PhD Program in CS @ TU KL

"Structured Light Reconstruction - An Entire Pipeline with Improvements in Usability, Accuracy, Stability and Speed"

The field of 3D reconstruction is one of the most important areas in computer vision. It is not only of theoretical importance, but also increasingly used in practice, be it in reverse engineering, quality control or robotics. There are already a variety of different 3D scanners available for purchase. However, different accuracies, resolutions and application flexibilities go hand in hand with sometimes drastic price differences. A silver bullet has not yet been found. A system is desirable that makes it possible to reconstruct a wide variety of objects inexpensively, flexibly and fully automatically with high accuracy, density and resolution. As few requirements as possible should be placed on the objects to be reconstructed and the hardware used should be freely available (customer devices) and exchangeable. Thus, resolution and reconstructed detail density could be efficiently controlled via the hardware used. In contrast to most existing consumer systems, it should be self-calibrating so that it can be set up and adapted to new use cases without complicated procedures and user interaction. Important steps and already achieved research results towards this desirable system will be shown in this talk. I present the chosen method for reconstruction and explain our developed procedures and current tasks. In particular, the improvements in the generation of high precision matches, the auto-calibration of the flexible setup and the automatic alignment of the achieved partial point clouds are featured. This results in a complete guide to fully automatic 3D reconstruction based on the structured light method. Furthermore, we also present some possible solutions to the weaknesses of the chosen method.

Time: Monday, 19.04.2021, 15:45

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