Dr. Daniel Neider

(TU Kaiserslautern)
hosted by Fachbereich Informatik

"Antrittsvorlesung: Lernen endlicher Automaten"

Learning finite-state machines, also known as automata learning, has a longhistory dating back to Barzdin and Trakhtenbrot's seminal work of 1973.

In this lecture, we will first present a brief overview of developments inthe field of automata learning. Then, we discuss one of the perhapsbest-known learning algorithms, Angluin's algorithm.

Time: Monday, 11.07.2022, 17:00
Place: https://uni-kl-de.zoom.us/j/93532340379?pwd=ODZIQjNxdXIydEFsQVZUNHFqN05Fdz09

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