Pakaj Deoli

(AG Robotics, Prof. Karsten Berns)
hosted by PhD Presentation Day

"Effective environment perception for off-road autonomous navigation"

An off-road environment is characterized with different objects, often ambiguous in nature. For autonomous navigation, precise perception of the environment is an important aspect. Methodologies involving Semantic, Instance or Panoptic segmentation provide the information needed on a broader level. When compared to urban environments, off-road environment (in itself) is a broad (and vague) term. A forest environment is different from a beach environment, which has different characteristics from a landfill area, etc and therefore the vehicle should have the capability to understand its appropriate environment and then take further actions. The goal of the research is to be able to teach this to a robot while also considering utmost safety as a priority. My inspiration for doing this also comes from the human brain wherein different parts of it are specialized in specific tasks and then bigger tasks in conjunction. Not only developing theoretical concepts but also implementing them on Unimog U5023 is also a big challenge for effective navigation through off-road environments.

Time: Monday, 06.02.2023, 13:00

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