Duway Nicolas Lesmes Leon

(AG Artificial Intelligence, Prof. Dengel)
hosted by Ph.D. Program in CS @ TU KL


Deep learning approaches have shown promising results in several tasks in life sciences. It has helped the experts in the field by optimizing processes, retrieving complex information that is not easily capturable, preprocessing bulk amounts of data, etc. However, such technologies require a considerable amount of data to achieve satisfactory results, and life science is a field well known for its limitations in data accessibility.

Generative models have shown potential in tasks such as synthetic data generation, data annotation, cross-domain translation, data enhancement, and feature extraction. The goal of this Ph.D. is to assess and exploit the potential of generative models (e.g., GANs) to mitigate the limitations in life sciences, particularly in microscopic imaging.

Time: Thursday, 15.06.2023, 09:00
Place: Blechhammer Hotel-Restaurant in Kaiserslautern

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