Dr. Emre Özkaya

(AG Scientific Computing, TU Kaiserslautern)
hosted by Seminar Series on Scientific Computing

"Robust Design Optimization Package: RoDeO"

RoDeO (Robust Design Optimization Package) is a package for simulation based global design optimization. It is specifically designed for scientific/engineering applications, in which the objective function and constraints are evaluated by computationally expensive simulations. Main features of the RoDeO Package are:

  • Surrogate model based Efficient Global Optimization (EGO) strategy.
  • Data driven approach.
  • Easy and efficient treatment of inequality constraints.
  • Surrogate models can be trained also using sensitivity data.

Time: Thursday, 25.11.2021, 12:00
Place: https://jitsi.uni-kl.de/SciCompSeminar_04

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