How do my studies start?

At the beginning of the studies, various introduction lectures will be offered each semester:
  • Introduction week of students' union computer science (08 - 19 October 2024, enrollment necessary!)
  • Pre-Course on Mathematics (04 October 2023 -> Course is also offered online, enrollment required!)
  • Pre-Course on Computer Science (for more information "")
  • Computer introduction and computer training by SCI
  • Lectures on: "Introduction into the studies of computer science"

Further information can be obtained from Students' Union Computer Science.
  • Overview on introduction week
  • The starter info "Hitchhiker" is available at the students' union as a PDF-File and in a printed form from the students' union and in the dean's office respectively.


Students Council of the Department
Building 48, Room 467
Tel.: 0631/205-2553
General Manager and Studies Advisor of the Department
PD. Dr. Bernd Schürmann
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