Information about the lectures and seminars in the Department of Computer Science can be found here.
The courses offered are presented in four levels of abstraction:
  1. The Module Handbook describes all the courses available in the form of all scheduled modules for study courses and examinations.
    • The new Central Module Handbook of the RPTU
      delivers the most actual modules and courses
      (for all CS courses of studies from SoSe 2018 on).
    • The old Module Handbook of the departmanent of CS delivers the former modules and courses
      (for the legacy courses of studies starting before SoSe 2018).
  2. The Study Plans for each individual course define which study and examination performances are required in order to successfully complete your degree.
    (planning horizon: whole degree course).
  3. The Course Plans (on this page) indicate which courses are available in which semester.
    (planning horizon: the next 2-3 semesters).
  4. Information regarding more specific appointments and conditions of individual courses during the current semester can be found at KIS (communication and information system).
    (planning horizon: the current semester)