Vera Marie Memmesheimer

(AG Human Computer Interaction)
hosted by PhD Program in CS @ TU KL

"Scalable Extended Reality — XR^S"

Extensive research has outlined the potential of Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality applications. However, the practical adoption of these technologies is still limited. Seeking to increase their application in the real world, we introduce the concept of Scalable Extended Reality (XRS), i.e., spaces scaling between different displays and degrees of virtuality that can be entered by multiple, possibly distributed users. The development and evaluation of such XRS spaces concerns several research fields. To provide bidirectional interaction and maintain consistency with the real environment, virtual reconstructions of physical scenes need to be segmented semantically and adapted dynamically. Moreover, scalable interaction techniques for selection, manipulation, and navigation as well as a world-stabilized rendering of 2D annotations in 3D space are needed to let users intuitively switch between handheld and head-mounted displays. Collaborative settings should further integrate access control and awareness cues indicating the collaborators’ locations and actions. While many of these topics were investigated by previous research, very few have considered their integration to enhance scalability. Addressing this gap, we establish a future research agenda for building XR^S spaces based on a human-centered design approach.

Time: Monday, 11.07.2022, 16:00
Place: Room 48-680

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