Sonderkolloquium des Fachbereichs Informatik gemeinsam mit
dem Internationalen Graduiertenkolleg "Visualization of Large and Unstructured Datasets"
  • Professor Dr. Charles Hansen
    Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute and School of Computing, University of Utah, USA
    "Suppose the World was Piecewise Plastic?"
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Wischgoll
    Computer Science and Engineering Department, Wright State University, USA
    "Visualization and Analysis of CT Data in Cardiovascular Research"
  • Professor Dr. Min Chen
    Visual and Interactive Computing Group, Swansea University, UK
    "The Complexity of Video Visualization"
  • Dr. Gordon Kindlmann
    Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging (LMI), Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, USA
    "Recent Developments in the Visualization, Interpolation, and Analysis of Diffusion Image Data and its Models"
  • Prof. Dr. Chris Johnson
    Director, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, Distinguished Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah, USA
    "Visual Computing: Case Studies and Research Challenges"
  • Prof. Dr. Torsten Möller
    Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics Department, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
    "A Spectral Analysis of Function Composition and Its Implications for Sampling in Direct Volume Visualization"

Zeit: Freitag, 13.07.2007, 09:00 Uhr
Ort: Gebäude 57, Rotunde