Dr. Marcus Liwicki

(DFKI, Kaiserslautern)

"Handwriting Recognition, Smart Office Environments, and other Applications of Artificial Intelligence"

The first part of the talk addresses the issue of processing online handwritten notes, especially those acquired from an electronic whiteboard. Notes written on a whiteboard is a new modality in handwriting recognition research that has received relatively little attention in the past. The main motivation is smart meeting room applications, where not only speech and video data of a meeting are recorded, but also notes written on a whiteboard are captured. In order to allow for retrieval of the meeting data by means of a browser, semantic information needs to be extracted from the raw sensory data. In the second part of the talk smart systems supporting the knowledge worker in the office are presented. The main focus will be on pen- and paper-based interaction with the Semantic desktop, the personal Semantic Web on the desktop computer. A system which recognizes and interprets the semantics of handwritten annotations on printed documents is presented. The rest of the talk focuses on the new lecture Applications of Artificial Intelligence. This lecture aims to give a broad overview over successful artificial intelligence (AI) applications existing in the real world. Furthermore, during the exercises, the students get experience in widely used AI environments and toolkits. The contents of the lecture are:

  • Fundamentals: Roots of AI, first applications in reality, application-oriented development of AI
  • Review of successful real-world applications
  • Deeper investigation of applications in reality, e.g.:
    Robocup, handwriting recognition, speech recognition, AI in computer games, support of knowledge workers in the office, AI in agriculture
  • Future of AI

Zeit: Montag, 26.01.2009, 17.15 Uhr
Ort: Gebäude 48, Raum 210