Qazi Hamza Jan

(Robotics Research Lab, Prof. Berns)
hosted by PhD Program in CS @ TU KL

"Safe and Efficient Navigation of Autonomous Shuttle in Pedestrian Path"

Autonomous shuttles traversing in the pedestrian area have become popular in the transport industry. Due to the limited width of pedestrian areas, shuttles can only be used for such purposes. Self-driving shuttles become meaningful to be used here. The major concern while driving in a pedestrian area is the safety of the people due to the fact that people have random behavior. For autonomous shuttles moving in such environments, it is efficient to keep their pace while avoiding any collision with pedestrians that can have irregular motions. For this, we propose to use behavior-based architecture with Pedestrian Interaction System (PIS). The PIS determines the scheme of interaction with pedestrians. Also, based on evasion cost it decides which behaviors to prioritize. It uses tentacle based evasion to evade the pedestrian. It also keeps the pace of the shuttle by recognizing safe conditions in a pedestrian zone. The experiments are performed in a simulated environment.

Time: Monday, 13.07.2020, 15:30

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